My passion for anatomy over many years led to me achieve a medical degree in physiotherapy. For the past 6 years I have gained experience working on rehabilitation clients as well as cosmetology.

I have extensive experience in treatments of aesthetic medicine; radio wave, ultrasound, electrical stimulation of muscles, cavitation, mesotherapy and sonophoresis.
For the last 3 years I have been a massage instructor in medical school whilst also working with clients in Spas and beauty salons. I regularly try to expand the scope of my knowledge and skills taking on new courses and treatments that I can offer.


Having qualified over 17 years ago in London Stiener Beauty Academy this then took me around the world for 7 years working in some of the world’s finest hotels as a Beauty Therapist.

I have since been settled here in Gibraltar for 10 Years establishing myself as a Beauty Therapist.
Having worked with Elemis for many years I have a great understanding when it comes to skin conditions and am more than happy to share this knowledge in recommending treatments and after care.

Being a full time working Mum I know how important taking time out can be thus any treatment with me will be delivered with a first class service..


Since 2009 I have had a keen interested in massage treatments and natural therapeutic methods, this has driven me to become an expert in this field.

I graduated university with qualifications in Massage, East European Studies and Management. This variety of education allows me understand the needs of patients before I can help them with their needs.
Massage I see as a holistic therapy, in which is not only about technique, but also about the passion and skill involved in working with people and their emotions.

After training at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw I learnt the effect of massage on the body and how it clarified the definition of wellness; since then massage has been an intense influence in my life. I extended my studies to include qualifications in classic massage, sports, contralateral, isometric, slimming and foot reflexology at Heros Training Center, it was here that I was astounded by the effects massage can have.
In the same Centre I also completed a course of 2nd stage (segmental massage, lymphatic drainage) as well as workshops of Eastern and Hawaiian Massage Techniques (volcanic stones, bubble choy, bamboo, hot stamps, chocolate California Massage).

My knowledge of Oriental massage (Lomi Lomi Nui) has given me the opportunity to understand Holistic therapies and combine healing of the mind and body.


I have always had a passion for exploring the mysteries of the human body. Movement, physical activity and lifestyle are the foundation of physical and mental health. I have keen interests in: psychology, sociology, anatomy and physiotherapy.

I love the perfection and professionalism that is needed in my job and take great satisfaction in my clients not only looking but feeling better about themselves.
Privately I am sociable and open-minded and enjoy dancing and drawing.


Since childhood, my passion for football was so intensive that I became a professional football player. Unfortunately, along with a high number of athletes, my career was ended by injury. For a long time could not reconcile with the loss of my passion so I decided to find a way connect my football knowledge with a future profession.
After graduating with a degree in Physiotherapy and a course in Body Building instructing I put my knowledge in to practice, helping my colleages with various injuries and testing training techniques on myself, with excellent results.

Sports massages and body building combined with a properly balanced diet will help you achieve an amazing physique.