Personal Training

Kirsty is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals; maximum results, minimal time.
A level 3 qualified Personal Trainer specialising in ‘postural analysis and correction’ Kirsty will ensure you execute exercises properly and learn how to correct your postural imbalances.
With a vast portfolio of successful clients she can also help you to achieve your goals of weight loss, strength, muscle gain, muscle definition, hypertrophy and even rehabilitation; advising and implementing the best training program for you.
Kirsty will ensure you are performing to your body’s full potential, making you fit, lean and strong and ready for high performance conditioning.
Using vigorous but enjoyable programs and the science behind Hypertrophy, your results will be unmistakeable.

As a Personal Trainer, the success of Juan’s clients is the measure by which he judges his own success ‘In order for a goal to be realistic, a client’s fitness, nutrition and attitude must support it’. Having worked in a variety of training and physical therapy settings, he shown results with wide-ranging goals and abilities.
Whether you are starting from scratch or are an accomplished athlete, he will work with you to develop a challenging and fun program that promotes not only your goals but also your personal understanding of a healthy lifestyle. Having participated in volleyball, handball, basketball, track, skiing, football, swimming and throughout his life he has gained understanding of a wide variety of sport-specific training principles.
His degree in Sport Science from FCCAFD in Granada gave him a variety of physical therapy settings, has strengthened his knowledge of rehab, and functional training. His specialties are Sport-Specific Strength Training, Functional Training, Weight Management, Posture, Plyometrics, Core & Stabilization Training and Cardiovascular Conditioning.
He is passionate about fitness and is dedicated to improving the lives of others by designing individualized exercise programs that are fun, challenging and results orientated.

Karyn has returned to Gibraltar after working as a fitness/class instructor and personal trainer within a London Health Club.
Accredited to Level 3 Personal Trainer within the register of exercise Professionals (REPS). She has been working for the fitness industry for over 5 years after graduating from Brighton University with a BSc (honours) in Exercise Science.
Personal training with Ky will include one-to-one sessions over a large variety of disciplines including weight loss/control, body fat reduction and toning/strengthening which will improve cardiovascular health and fitness or more specific sport/event related goals.
Ky will provide you with a complete varied workout (inside and outside of the gym) that will enable you to reach your goals, improve your quality of life and maintain good health and fitness.

Gema is a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, she has been working within
the fitness industry for over 8 years, getting qualified under the exclusive
license of Spinning® by Mad Dogg Athletics, on TRX ® Suspension Training and
LBT (Legs, Bottom and Tummy).
Gema is specialized in functional training which involves training the body
for the activities performed in the natural movements of the daily life.
This includes the development of your balance, strength and coordination.
She is also specialized in core, back and injuries recovery.
Personal Training with Gema is a non-stop strict session that you will enjoy
and get you focused on your goal. If you want to improve your workout
contact Gema.