Infinity Spa

Experience pure luxury like none other in Gibraltar.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel special; maintaining that inner and exterior beauty can be difficult to achieve with our hectic lifestyles.

At Infinity Spa we are dedicated to helping you bring out that inner beauty by providing you with the highest quality lasting treatments and services.

We believe in using only the best skin care products combining active natural ingredients and cutting edge scientific  technology with exceptionally skilled professionals to give visible results after just one treatment.

At the heart of our foundation and philosophy of wellness lies our commitment to providing you with a unique spa experience, where the moment you enter our spa, you will be guided to a deeper more profound essence of inner calm, contentment and beauty.

The treatments of  Infinity Spa are intended to stimulate the body, mind and spirit for an individual experience and our team of therapists will also ensure that you receive the treatment best appropriate for your needs.

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  Opening Times:    Monday – Sunday   9am – 9pm